Shaar Olami

Information for Clients - Shaar Olami (World Gate)

The “Shaar Olami” system (foreign trade – new generation) replaces the existing operating systems of the Israel Tax Authority in the foreign trade field.

General information on Shaar Olami, as published on the Customs and the Chamber of Commerce websites:

Smart Card

We recommend getting a smart card.
*In the future, all importers will require a smart card.

Comsign - Personal ID

Power of Attorney for Customs Agent

Click here to fill out a power of attorney

Importer's declaration

Importer's declarations must be filled out for all customs suppliers (using a smart card)

Click here to fill out an Importer's declaration

Authorized Economic Operator/ Authorized Importer

IWe recommend signing up for the Authorized Importer program

Authorized Importer Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)